Osoita Lodge

Welcome to Osoita Lodge!

We are located in a small growing village named Ole Kasasi, 2 hours from the airport

1Serene Garden
1Green House
3Koroga Bandas

Know More About Us

1. We bring out the adventurer in you
Osoita is in the heart of all the wonderful adventure in Nairobi. Explore Nairobi by visiting The Nairobi National Park, Giraffe Centre, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Nairobi Mamba Village, The Karen Blixen Museum among others; all within close proximity to Osoita.
2. Green Ambience
Besides our well manicured garden, Osoita lodge is a green heaven in and out. being close to a seasonal river the vegetation stays green and healthy throughout the year. Wake up to air so fresh it chocks you and enjoy the sun set far away into to the tall green trees.
3. Located in a growing Town
If you want to know what the true spirit of a small developing town in Kenya is about, then you definitely want to stay with us! We are located in Ole Kasasi town where you are woken up by the sound of the cock and chattering birds as well as the sound of tuk tuks(motorbikes) rushing people to work and school.
4. Fresh Food
All our food is fresh and sourced from the village and town nearby. We grow Kenyan celebrated indigenous vegetables such as spinach, kale and herbs in our green house. You are guaranteed freshness in every bite of our feasts.